Answers to the most common questions about hire a taxi from Crete Taxi Services.

Crete Taxi Services guarantee the highest quality of safe travel, care free excursions and tours.
Crete Taxi Services committed to show you the sights of Crete at the best prices taxi market, creating all the conditions for a comfortable and carefree trip to a place where every corner is a revelation.
We will send you a confirmation email for your taxi reservation. Please check this carefully and let us know if any details are incorrect. Please let us know all the necessary details like flight number, contact details etc.
Some e-mail may not be received due to anti-spam filters. Please check your SPAM folder and mail client and your Internet Service Provider policies (ISP).
Our driver will wait at the airport outside of the arrival section with your name displayed on a board.
Once you complete our booking form the driver has the same voucher as you. When you will be landed to the airport the driver will be at the arrival hall with a welcome sign where will be writing your name or group name.
In the airport of Chania there is just one arrival exit gate.
From Heraklion airport there are two exit gates for the arrivals, one after the other 15 meters distance.
Usually we transfer passengers 2 hours prior to flight take off.
Most airline companies open their check-in desks 2 hours prior to flight take off, and close check-in 40-45 minutes prior to flight take off.
Ensure that the date, time and location on your voucher or subsequent email allows you to arrive at your departure airport at least 10 minutes before the checked desk opens.
Our company is informed for flight delays so it is not necessary to call us.
Yes. The prices are fixed for pre booked transfers. But if there are any additional drops offs pickups or diversions there will be additional charges.
You may pay cash to our driver after transfer.
You should remain outside of the arrival hall. Please call us 00306970021970 or 00306945027933 and our admin team will help you find your driver in the terminal.
* Note: If possible, activate your mobile phone as soon as you arrive at the airport.
You can ask for a child seat by reservation (NO extra charge). Please mention the child’s age as well.
Yes. We operate 24 hours 7 days a week, all through the year.
We give an indication of the distance and driving time between transfer points at the moment of booking. This information is supplied as a guidance only and not as commitment. The driver retains absolute discretion to choose the actual travel route to your destination, and it may necessarily be the most direct route.
Some e-mail may not be received due to anti-spam filters. Please check your SPAM folder and mail client and your Internet Service Provider policies (ISP)
If you received a booking reference on screen, your booking is confirmed. Failure to receive the receipt e-mail has no bearing on the status of your booking.
If the initial (almost immediate) attempt to deliver your receipt e-mail fails, the system will continue to attempt delivery for up to 5 hours. If e-mail cannot be delivered after this time - because the address does not exist, your mailbox is full, or your mail server is not accepting mail or is unreachable - delivery attempts cease. Around 200 e-mail receipts a week go undelivered, largely because of typing errors in the e-mail address supplied.
Please enter your e-mail address carefully!
Once you complete your booking you will be able to access your voucher.
On the voucher you are issued complete and detailed instructions on where and how to meet your driver. You will also find local telephone numbers and our own 24 hour contact numbers.
You can send an email to inform us that your booking is canceled: